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12 Company Award Decoration Ideas & Tips for an Awesome Event

star achway over podium on stageA company award banquet is just, well, another day at the office if you don’t create an event with atmosphere.  The most obvious way to accomplish that is with event décor that leave your guests awestruck and feeling a part of something unique.  Use these tips to choose decorations that fit with your venue, theme, and (most importantly) your budget.

  1. uplighted balloon columnSet expectations for your event with a themed invitation.
  2. Give your guests a hint of what’s to come inside with a strong entrance.
  3. Choose a theme and coordinate each décor item with your theme.
  4. Set the mood with appropriate lighting.
  5. Make the stage the focal point of your event.
  6. Go big or go home. Don’t skimp on décor; your guests’ll notice a sparse room.
  7. Choose decorations that are at all eye levels for an all-encompassing feel (waist level on tables, ceiling, etc.)
  8. lighted numbers (20) balloon decorationsUse lights to add drama to your décor.
  9. Be creative with your centerpieces, but don’t be afraid to keep the actual pieces simple.
  10. Plan free-standing decorations that won’t damage your venue.
  11. Use décor to highlight any company accomplishments (such as a large 50 for your 50th anniversary).
  12. Ask your decoration vendor for suggestions for unique company award banquet pieces that fit your budget and make a statement.

4 BIG Tips that Make Your Corporate Awards Banquet Memorable

balloon archways at corporate awards banquetThe image that comes to mind of a “corporate awards banquet” is a slow, boring recognition event.  To keep your event from fitting that unexciting and dull stereotype, approach your corporate awards banquet planning with a few, strategic tips in mind.

Choose a theme.

To make sure that all the details of your corporate awards banquet are coordinated, and to give your event a unique feel, choose a theme that makes your event distinctive.  Themes can set your corporate awards banquet apart, such as:

  • Olympics
  • Mardi Gras
  • casino
  • sports
  • nautical
  • beach
  • red carpet (Hollywood awards)
  • patriotic
  • night under the stars

Set the scene.

mardi gras balloon sculpture pillarsSet the expectations of your guests and co-workers high with an excellent invitation and entry once they arrive.  If your venue is not predetermined, choose a venue that makes a statement—and don’t stop there.  A red carpet, balloon archway, or a well-decorated registration table can create the atmosphere you want before your guests walk into the awards banquet.

Put effort into décor.

ceiling balloon topairy at corporate award banquetResist the urge to open up the doors to your awards banquet room and…that’s it.  If you want to turn your corporate awards banquet into a memorable event, you have to give them an event atmosphere to remember.  Invest in decorations that won’t damage your venue, such as centerpieces or balloon ceiling displays.  Ask your décor vendor for ideas that fit with your awards banquet theme to ensure that all your event details fit together.

Minimize the amount of “winging it.”

Don’t put the success of your program entirely into your emcee’s (or CEO’s) hands.  Schedule the night accordingly to ensure speeches and transitions are seamless and keep moving.  Test all your audiovisual equipment hours (not an hour) before the start of the corporate awards banquet to minimize delays during the program, and to allow for replacement equipment to be located (if needed).  Your guests are going to thank you for your efforts later—especially when they’re not attending another boring, tedious corporate award banquet.