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8 BIG Car Dealer Event Sales Themes & Decor Ideas

Your auto dealership can take out sales event billboards, advertise on social media, and use these other car deal event tips all you want, but if you can’t create an atmosphere once your prospective customers walk in the door…well, they’re less likely to stay in the door. To avoid that happening at your car dealer sales promotion, use these car event sale themes—and decoration ideas—to draw your customers in and make them feel like they’re part of your event with atmosphere.

car dealer sales event decorations








balloon decoration Bucky the Badger and big W sign









Local Sports

goal post balloon decoration with red and white balloons








Football (Touchdown!)

checkered flag balloon bouquets








Racing Finish Line (Daytona 500/Indy 500)















Basketball (March Madness!)

car dealer with balloon decorations with car names and dealer names in silver balloons








Patriotic/4th of July/Labor Day/Memorial Dayballoon spider ceiling decoration








Scary Halloween

candy cane holiday balloon decoration










Christmas Holiday

Have any other ideas for the event atmosphere decor at your next car dealer event?  Choose a balloon decoration company that can create the unique decorations that match your theme.

4 Tips for a SUCCESSFUL Car Dealer Event

car dealer with balloon decorations with car names and dealer names in silver balloonsIt may seem harder than ever for a car dealership to get customers to come out for a car sale.  Successful dealers are finding more and more that a sales event has to be an EVENT—not just a sale.  The stakes have been raised; customers are expecting more than ever from a car dealer both in terms of marketing and event planning.  If you want to meet their expectations, use these top tips to get your customers to your sales event—and keep them at your dealership.

Have a draw.

What are you going to use to get your dealers to your sales event?  Choose a person that’s going to bring customers out, such as an entertainment act or celebrity signing autographs.  If you want a more interactive sales event, choose a theme and plan activities for all ages, such as a beach theme with a sand castle contest.  For a holiday sales event, plan an event with draws that fit with the holiday.

Market, market, market.

With today’s technology, you have a LOT of options for marketing.  Make a marketing plan that reaches your targeted audience and stick to it.  Don’t forget to include social media into your plan (as long as you utilize it on a regular basis).  Integrate the new online marketing tactics with offline marketing to reach your targeted audience on many different channels.

Create atmosphere.

Once you’ve got local customers to your door, make them feel immediately part of your sales event with sales event décor that fits with your theme or draw.  Make sure they feel enveloped in your theme atmosphere by strategically placing décor all around theme—at waist level, eye level, and above them.  For example, if you are having a racing celebrity, use checkered flag balloon decorations and table décor that fits with your draw.  For a holiday sales event, such as a patriotic holiday, use stars and red, white, and blue balloon decorations to create a sales event atmosphere.  Ask your decor vendor for ideas that fit with your theme for a new and unique twist for your event.  If you are having food as part of your sales event, use table décor, tableware, and fun food to tie it all together.

Keep your eye on the goal.

Use direct and subtle marketing pieces to reach your customers once they are in the door.  Use subtle marketing pieces such as educational and interactive exhibits (quiz time?) that catch customers’ attention.  Direct sales pieces and your staff complete your event strategy and help reach your sales event goal.