5 Football Party Ideas That’ll Take Your Party to the Next Level

goal post balloon decoration with red and white balloonsThere’s football night with the boys, then there’s the annual football party that people mark on the calendar as ‘don’t miss.’ If you want to make sure your party is classified as the latter—or at least in the same stadium as the big football parties—there are steps you can take to make sure your party is a touchdown.

Roadside party decor

When it comes to party planning, it’s all about creating atmosphere—even before your guests arrive at the party.  A bunch of balloons just won’t do; instead, use your favorite mascot (ours is Bucky Badger!) as a roadside greeter, a lighted number of everyone’s favorite football player by the front step, or a humongous football to get everyone ready for the coin toss.

Fun Water Breaks

football player balloon decorationA huge water cooler or a decorated ice bucket full of water bottles (and drinks!) can make your guests feel like they’re at the game (along with a huge viewing screen!).  If you want to up the ante, add another water cooler with a special football drink the same color as your favorite team.

Football party décor snacks

Instead of throwing out another bowl of chips and dip, go bigger with your football party refreshments. Our favorite is a Badger-themed popcorn snack mix (popcorn with red M&M’s and raisins) or rice krispy footballs.  There are a million more ideas on Pinterest that’ll keep your guests talking—at the party and for years to come.

Turf Tables

bucky badger balloon decoration football party ideaIf you want o display all those creative snacks, make your refreshment table look like a football table.  We’ve seen inflatable tables you can purchase or tables covered in green carpeting that provided a great setting for your football party snacks.  For an even more dramatic backdrop, add a football player (Badger, Packer or your choice!) or a gigantic team sign behind the table.

Halftime Entertainment

Give your guests something to do during halftime, like taking selfies with a favorite mascot (or inflated football player), hosting an inflated football punting game with a fun goal post, or playing one of your favorite football games (trivia or paper football, anyone?).

8 BIG Car Dealer Event Sales Themes & Decor Ideas

Your auto dealership can take out sales event billboards, advertise on social media, and use these other car deal event tips all you want, but if you can’t create an atmosphere once your prospective customers walk in the door…well, they’re less likely to stay in the door. To avoid that happening at your car dealer sales promotion, use these car event sale themes—and decoration ideas—to draw your customers in and make them feel like they’re part of your event with atmosphere.

car dealer sales event decorations








balloon decoration Bucky the Badger and big W sign









Local Sports

goal post balloon decoration with red and white balloons








Football (Touchdown!)

checkered flag balloon bouquets








Racing Finish Line (Daytona 500/Indy 500)















Basketball (March Madness!)

car dealer with balloon decorations with car names and dealer names in silver balloons








Patriotic/4th of July/Labor Day/Memorial Dayballoon spider ceiling decoration








Scary Halloween

candy cane holiday balloon decoration










Christmas Holiday

Have any other ideas for the event atmosphere decor at your next car dealer event?  Choose a balloon decoration company that can create the unique decorations that match your theme.

4 Tips for a SUCCESSFUL Car Dealer Event

car dealer with balloon decorations with car names and dealer names in silver balloonsIt may seem harder than ever for a car dealership to get customers to come out for a car sale.  Successful dealers are finding more and more that a sales event has to be an EVENT—not just a sale.  The stakes have been raised; customers are expecting more than ever from a car dealer both in terms of marketing and event planning.  If you want to meet their expectations, use these top tips to get your customers to your sales event—and keep them at your dealership.

Have a draw.

What are you going to use to get your dealers to your sales event?  Choose a person that’s going to bring customers out, such as an entertainment act or celebrity signing autographs.  If you want a more interactive sales event, choose a theme and plan activities for all ages, such as a beach theme with a sand castle contest.  For a holiday sales event, plan an event with draws that fit with the holiday.

Market, market, market.

With today’s technology, you have a LOT of options for marketing.  Make a marketing plan that reaches your targeted audience and stick to it.  Don’t forget to include social media into your plan (as long as you utilize it on a regular basis).  Integrate the new online marketing tactics with offline marketing to reach your targeted audience on many different channels.

Create atmosphere.

Once you’ve got local customers to your door, make them feel immediately part of your sales event with sales event décor that fits with your theme or draw.  Make sure they feel enveloped in your theme atmosphere by strategically placing décor all around theme—at waist level, eye level, and above them.  For example, if you are having a racing celebrity, use checkered flag balloon decorations and table décor that fits with your draw.  For a holiday sales event, such as a patriotic holiday, use stars and red, white, and blue balloon decorations to create a sales event atmosphere.  Ask your decor vendor for ideas that fit with your theme for a new and unique twist for your event.  If you are having food as part of your sales event, use table décor, tableware, and fun food to tie it all together.

Keep your eye on the goal.

Use direct and subtle marketing pieces to reach your customers once they are in the door.  Use subtle marketing pieces such as educational and interactive exhibits (quiz time?) that catch customers’ attention.  Direct sales pieces and your staff complete your event strategy and help reach your sales event goal.

12 Company Award Decoration Ideas & Tips for an Awesome Event

star achway over podium on stageA company award banquet is just, well, another day at the office if you don’t create an event with atmosphere.  The most obvious way to accomplish that is with event décor that leave your guests awestruck and feeling a part of something unique.  Use these tips to choose decorations that fit with your venue, theme, and (most importantly) your budget.

  1. uplighted balloon columnSet expectations for your event with a themed invitation.
  2. Give your guests a hint of what’s to come inside with a strong entrance.
  3. Choose a theme and coordinate each décor item with your theme.
  4. Set the mood with appropriate lighting.
  5. Make the stage the focal point of your event.
  6. Go big or go home. Don’t skimp on décor; your guests’ll notice a sparse room.
  7. Choose decorations that are at all eye levels for an all-encompassing feel (waist level on tables, ceiling, etc.)
  8. lighted numbers (20) balloon decorationsUse lights to add drama to your décor.
  9. Be creative with your centerpieces, but don’t be afraid to keep the actual pieces simple.
  10. Plan free-standing decorations that won’t damage your venue.
  11. Use décor to highlight any company accomplishments (such as a large 50 for your 50th anniversary).
  12. Ask your decoration vendor for suggestions for unique company award banquet pieces that fit your budget and make a statement.

6 Tips for a Better Company Picnic This Year

balloon decoration entrance with red, lime green, orange, and blue balloonsIf your last company picnic was somewhere between ho-hum and okay, it’s time to up the ante (and fun!) at your next company picnic.  Use these tips to make sure this year’s company picnic is more than just mediocre.

Have a goal and budget

Don’t go at your company picnic planning blindly.  Have a goal, budget, and guest list that can guide you to plan a company picnic with an excellent atmosphere.

Set a theme

You don’t have to be too “themey,” but a theme can give your company picnic direction for every detail.  If your venue is not already set, select a venue that fits with your theme and budget.  If you’ve already got a neutral venue set, you can start with a fresh slate for your company picnic planning.  Some of the most common company picnic themes include a country fair, circus, picnic, casino, beach, luau, race day, or ball game.

Give a good first impression

company picnic entrance with multi-colored balloons with clownsMake a strong welcome for your guests a priority in your company picnic planning.  It’s never too early to set your theme; draw your guests into your party theme atmosphere with a strong invitation and entryway.

Use decorations to play up your theme

Good food only goes so far; use decorations to create a unique party atmosphere.  Ask your venue before you plan your decorations.  Some venues may have limitations for décor items, such as not allowing decorations to be attached to a wall, ceiling, or floor.  Balloon decorations and unique centerpieces are an excellent solution, creating atmosphere décor without damaging the venue.  For a really unique balloon decoration for your event, contact a high-quality vendor for creative décor ideas.

Have a plan B

If your venue is outdoor, or part of your event is planned outside, don’t neglect planning an alternative option in case of heavy rain or a thunderstorm.  Keep all your venues apprised of your plan B; it’ll make executing your plan B smoother and easier just in case you need to use it.

Entertain them

Since you’ve put effort into playing up your theme in every other way, put the “cherry on top” of your company picnic with entertainment.  You don’t have to hire a full band or DJ if it’s a small luncheon, but a little bit of entertainment can go a long way toward planning a better company picnic.

20 Balloon Decorations That Take Your Event to the Next Level

decorations with canopies and balloon columnsParty decorations are a ‘must-have’ of any party. Before your guests have even touched your delicious appetizers or dived into your awesome punch, you have to wow them with party décor.  As they say, first impressions count—and that’s never more true than at a party where you need to choose party decorations that create the atmosphere.

As a decor vendor, we know it’s incredibly important to look for decorations that make a big impact and meet your venue requirements.  For example, if your venue requires that you don’t attach any decorations to the wall or ceiling, consider free-standing balloon decorations, which take your party atmosphere to the next level without damaging your venue.

Balloon decorations have another advantage; balloon decorations can create an interesting focal point on any surface at your party: ceiling, wall, table centerpieces.  Plus, the possibilities for balloon decorations are endless—just ask us for ideas.  Or use these over-the-top balloon decoration ideas to get your party décor brainstorming started:

car dealer with balloon decorations with car names and dealer names in silver balloons





Your Name in Lights (well, balloons)






Swimmingly Fun Pool Archways

ceiling balloon topairy at corporate award banquet







Ceiling Topiaries

balloon spider ceiling decoration






Entertaining (or scary!) ceiling sculpture (who says you need entertainers?)

balloon archways that look like pillars





Elegant Entrance

star achway over podium on stage





Star studded decor

poker-themed balloon column at company picnic







Playing your cards right

balloon decoration Bucky the Badger and big W sign






Mascot Fun (Bucky approved!)

goal post balloon decoration with red and white balloons








rainbow balloon decoration from balcony to floor








clover balloon decoration on ceiling





“Lucky” Ceiling

checkered flag balloon bouquets





Quick Décor Victory (for the planners with not a lot of decorating time!)

balloon decoration entrance with red, lime green, orange, and blue balloons






Awe-some Entrance

graduation decorations: large balloon number 16





The “Sweet” in Sweet 16

castle balloon decorations




Castle for your Prince or Princesses

circus balloon archway







For “Clowning Around” Events

uplighted balloon column







Uplighted Atmosphere

under the sea decoration with blue balloons and dolphins and fish






Under the sea fun

balloon explosion from ceiling on guests





Unexpected Surprise! (we promise, we won’t tell your guests about this unique balloon special effect)

lighted numbers (20) balloon decorations







20 Different Ways to Mark an Occasion (Graduation Year, Anniversary Year, Goal Number, etc.)

Last Minute (GREAT!) Graduation Party Ideas

graduation decorations: large balloon number 16Putting the last minute touches on your graduation party?  Or are you just starting to get your graduation party planning into gear?  No matter which situation applies to you, use these last minute tips to make your graduation party look like you’ve been planning your grad party for months.

Guide your guests into your party.

Even if you put all the information on your graduation invitation, guide your guests into your party with eye-catching decorations.  You don’t have to put up a custom neon sign, but don’t feel you have to stick to tradition either.  Be creative—you’ll wow your guests while helping them find your graduation party.

Make a statement with your entrance.

balloon archway entrance with red and white balloonsDon’t let your creativity end with your roadside décor.  Make a fun impression with a grand entrance that’ll draw people in and get them ready for a good time.

Give your guests options for fun.

Some of your guests are going to want to play, others to talk.  Give your guests who want entertainment lots of options, such as yard games, photo booths, or social media fun.

Draw people to your feature wall.

pearl pink balloon archway against wall with name 'Hannah' at graduation partyMake your feature wall a true feature—and don’t just confine your efforts to the wall.  Ceiling decorations can draw your guests to photos, a video, food, or any other notable part of your graduation party.

Don’t forget about the ‘late’ snackers.

Fed people are happy people; don’t forget to put out snacks or late-night treats for guests that are hanging out later.  It doesn’t have to be a huge course of food, but it should be something that’ll stick with them and keep them happy.

Do as much work as you can in advance.

To make sure you have a lot of time for fun, try to get as much done in advance—or hire someone who can.  If you need ideas for your graduation party, don’t be afraid to ask vendors for advice for food and decorations (after all, they’ve done this before!).  Once you’ve done all the party preparation, enjoy your party!

Our Top Graduation Party Tips & Ideas (for every stage of your party)

graduation party decorations: 8 foot balloon numbers 16Your graduation day is a HUGE accomplishment, so you might as well celebrate.  Make your graduation party a day to remember by using these tips to set your party apart.

Choose your date carefully.

For maximum attendance, select the day and time of your party carefully.  If you want your friends and teachers to attend, try to choose a date that’s not the same day as the graduation.  Instead, hold your graduation week—or weeks—later so you are the only party on that date.

Let people know where your party is at.

graduation balloon decorations 16Beyond including the address in the invitations, make sure your guests know where your party is.  Use balloons (like 8′ balloon numbers-nobody’ll miss them!) and signs to guide everyone to your location.  Make sure your balloons or sign are a bright color to increase visibility, and watch your guests roll on in.

Choose a theme.

goal post decor at graduation partyYour theme can be in line with your graduation colors or year, or as creative as a Hawaiian luau or a movie theme (think red carpet and outdoor movie).  Choose food and decorations that play into your theme; if you want a really unique decoration, be sure to ask your vendor for ideas.

Be unique.

Don’t feel you have to do what everyone else is doing at their graduation party.  Ask your vendor for unique decoration ideas that fit your budget.  An expert décor vendor can suggest unique ideas that’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests.  Apply the same creativity to your food and have fun foods that go beyond a beautiful cake.

Create a good first impression.

spiral balloon arch decor for graduation partySet the scene for your graduation party by creating an entrance.  Use balloon archways, huge sculptures, and balloon columns to leave your guests in awe—even before they step in to your party.

Get out the games.

You don’t have to strong arm your guests to play games at your graduation party, but at least give them the option.  Pull out yard games for your youngest and most experienced guests; think corn hole, yard dice, bocce ball, gigantic Jenga, yard-sized tic tac toe.

Create a feature wall.

pearl pink balloon archway against wall with name 'Hannah' at graduation partyDraw your guests’ attention to your food table or photo table by creating a feature wall.  Use bright decorations like balloon archways, bright and unique table coverings, or free-standing balloon columns (perfect for venues where you can’t attach décor to the walls).

Be unique with your photo board.

Make your photo board more than just another display by hanging photos of the graduate throughout the years on balloons, stuffed in your balloon centerpieces, on sticks in the centerpieces, or with clothespins on crisscrossed lines.  For a more technology-savvy approach, use a (well-protected) computer with a montage of photos flashing across the screen.  If you want to up the ante, have someone close to the graduate create an interactive quiz with questions about the guest of honor.

End the party with a bang.

Surprise your guests with fireworks or a bonfire at the end of your party, or let your guests know that you’ll be finishing your party with an outdoor movie or evening swim.

Have fun!

No more words needed.  This is your big day.  Enjoy it.

10 Company Picnic Tips & Ideas That’ll Make Your Picnic a Success

balloon archways at company picnicA lot is riding on your company picnic: employee morale, your manager’s approval, your company’s reputation.  Don’t bank on a successful company picnic just randomly happening; make your company a success with these company picnic planning tips and ideas:

  1. Set your budget first to ensure your funds are allocated where you need it and you still have funds for decor and entertainment.
  2. Consider using a theme (we’ve suggested some top company picnic theme ideas here) to tie your invitations, decorations, food, and other company picnic details together.
  3. Choose a cool company picnic venue that ties into your theme (i.e. baseball diamond for Take Me Out to the Ballgame theme).
  4. spiral balloon arch decor for company picnicSet the scene and theme of your company picnic by setting up decorations outside the entrance and at the registration table.
  5. Use free-standing decorations, such as balloon archways and columns or elaborate centerpieces, for a huge impact and minimal risk of damage to your venue (some venues even prohibit decorations that attach to the venue-ask your decor vendor for ideas in this situation).
  6. Take your audience into account when choosing company picnic entertainment (does your guest list include kids and adults or adults only?).
  7. Make your company picnic fun with interactive activities and games.
  8. If a program is part of your festivities, do a run-through so your program goes smooth and has few problems.
  9. Mix up your guests to give them more chance to network with associates from other departments or locations.
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for ideas. They can recommend awesome ideas that they’ve seen work in the past and customize it to your unique company picnic (such as giving your balloon decoration company your chosen theme and asking them for company picnic décor ideas).

6 Company Picnic Theme (and Ideas to Make them Happen)

under the sea company picnic balloon sculptureAre you completely, utterly lost when starting to plan your company picnic?  Or are you trying to top last year’s boring picnic?  Whether you’re planning a luncheon for the staff, or a full day company picnic for employees and their families, start your company picnic planning the same way: by choosing a company picnic theme.  A company picnic theme connects all the dots, making every detail make sense—and adding an element of fun, even to a very formal event.

Under the Sea/Beach Party

company picnic decor: balloon arches over poolIf you’re hosting a pool party or a fun swim party, get out your inflatable toys—and use them as company picnic décor!  Contact a balloon décor company for a fun balloon sculpture (perhaps something that your guests can pose with?), balloon bouquets with a fun ocean theme for dinner/lunch centerpieces, and an archway for your pool entrance.  For really over-the-top company picnic décor, ask your décor company about an archway over your pool—and for any other fun décor ideas for your company picnic.


Think popcorn, cotton candy, games, balloons for everyone, and fun.  Get a dunk tank (and a volunteer!), bring out the ring toss game, and lay out a host of other fun yard games.  Designate a volunteer to hand out balloons and get checkered table cloths, balloon bouquets, carnival refreshments and fun decorations.

Off to the Races

checkered flag balloon bouquets at company picnicIf you want to arrange a fun ‘race-themed’ company picnic, plan a day at a track.  Rent out a room at a go-kart track, or plan a day with potato sack races, big wheel races (for kids and adults), rubber ducky races, and other race-themed fun.  Get lots of checkered flags, fast food (pun intended), and black-and-white balloon bouquets for the tables.

Take me out to the Ball Game

This theme is perfect if your venue is a park with a softball field or a day out a local ball game.  Plan your company picnic with generic baseball décor or use your local baseball team as inspiration.  Serve the traditional ball game food such as popcorn, peanuts, and hot dogs.  Use invitations that resemble ball tickets, and let your guests know if an employee ball game is part of your company picnic fun.

Casino Royale

poker-themed balloon column at company picnicHost a night out or plan an employee luncheon with a high-stakes feel.  Set the theme with a balloon archway or sculpture, and up the ante with décor inside your venue.  To reinforce your theme, host a giveaway (or two) with prizes for your “winners.”

Afternoon/Night at the Movies

Roll out the red carpet for your employees, or give your employees a classic outdoor movie feel.  If you are going with the red carpet, plan an evening with a Hollywood theme: stars, sit down meal, feather boas, and an archway over your entrance.  For an outdoor movie, plan your details around the classic outdoor movie theaters.  Create a food table with decor that draws people in for movie snacks, such as balloon bouquets or archways that make people feel like a night under the stars.  When they’re done with snacks, give them a fun outdoor movie for entertainment.

Hawaiian Luau

palm tree balloon sculpture with monkeys at company picnicA Hawaiian luau company picnic wouldn’t be complete without leis, palm tree balloon sculpture, flowers, and colorful balloon bouquets and décor.  Ask your balloon decor company about specific balloons that fit with your theme, such as tropical fish, starfish, or flip flops.  If you want to be totally authentic, choose a menu with traditional Hawaiian dishes or add luau touches such as umbrella drinks.